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Pulsar Xq Thermals

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Hi - from New Zealand - 1st post.

I bought the XQ38 1 month ago.

I was going to buy the Core FXD50 front attach and mono.

I found a 2nd hand (only 2 months old) Pulsar Apex XD50 - so I went off the Core and because I had already paid a sizable deposit to our importer of Pulsar equipment, bought the XQ38.


I had the XQ38 a week before the XD50 arrived - once that arrived I got disappointed with my XQ38.

The XD50 is so much more clearer that the XQ38.


I put it down to the fact that the XQ38 starts on a 3.1 magnification which was making the image/objects less accurate.

I have mentioned this to some in the States via a Forum there - they question my judgment and say if the XQ is poorer quality image than the XD rifle scope - something must be wrong with the XQ38.


I will start a Thread/Topic also with this info and see what others will say.

Being new poster - I might have to wait before I can start a new Topic though ??



Peter - NZ

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