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The Devilish Journey

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Beeeep beeeeep! Smacking the alarm clock into oblivion, I wake up at 5am, my muscles feeling a little stiff from my 5 mile treck the previous day. I stretch and get out of bed, as I walk towards the window I feel the coldness bouncing off the curtains. I open them to reveal the small cottage window is sprayed with snow. I can just see the clear looking smoke from the chimney floating downwards over my landrover which is on the driveway and whisking back up into the air. The log burner has done it's job throughout the night. I walk downstairs into the living room, the lurchers are too sleepy to even great me, stretched out in front of the log burner. I open it's door and place another large piece of oak on top of the remaining ashes and coal. Good lads I whisper to each dog, they respond by several quick flicks of their tails and large gaping yawns.


Everything is laid out on the kitchen table, if all goes to plan, that 5 mile treck will bring a huge smile to my face. I turn around and see the dogs by the stable door, stretching some more, they know I'm

ready, they're ready! In the Landy they begin to whip their tails against the dog guard, and gently nudge each other with excitement. The roads are dreadful, it's what I hoped for. Turning the key the Landy fires up, you've got to love the roar and smell of a diesel engine. Once the windows defrosted I slowly pulled off the driveway, thinking of my plan, it's got to work, it will work, without a doubt my dogs will make sure of that. I began heading towards the location and ready for another 5 mile treck on foot.


Yes today will be the best day of our lives!

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