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Hunting In Armagh

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Found this radio documentary from 1973 about the Keady Hunt club (foot pack) great hearing the old timers talking about the sport.



I put on the English game, turned the volume off, and just listened to all 40 + minutes of that and really, really enjoyed it.

I know some lads from up that country and ,LOL, it was just like listening to them.

Over 40 years later and they still try to stop the hounds before they kill the hare.

I asked one of them last year had they killed many hares the year. He told me 2 and 1 of them was killed when 2 women walked out of a church and turned the unfortunate hare back into the hounds.

Great characters and you can tell that by listening to that radio interview and to be honest that interview could have been yesterday (even though it was 1973) as the lads up there are still very much like that. Thanks for finding it.

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Great to hear the old lads, reminds me of the old men that I hunted with as a child, they always taught us to respect the hare we hunted and to preserve them. They were conservationist before the word was ever heard off. They were great characters too and loved a pint and a song and a bit of rascality just like the two old lads in this.

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