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Finding Right Stud Dog For My Bitch

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Hi every one I have had my bitch since she was 9 weeks old and she is now 2 1/2 and I'm look to have a litter out of her and keep one of her off spring I have been told many of time that's she doesn't look like a jack russell and she looks like she is crossed with some thing people have said Italian whippet I will post a pic of her but not sure what to put a crossed her she will rat and retrieve my rabbits for me what do you lot think the best stud dog to put a crossed her thanks simon I put this in the earth dogs and terrier section and they have said I might be better of having it in this section some also in that section said she looks like a plumbers







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Would a whippet or a beagle dog be to big to put over her as she's 12" from floor to shoulder


I'd be more worried about a beagle with their broad heads than a whippet mate, but she sounds a bit small for either really, more them getting down to her than genetics, they get both sets of genes at conception, heads seem to slip through the filter sometimes though?

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Guest foxpack

Either a spaniel x terrier or terrier based mix would be my choice mate.looks a handy little bitch.I like a bushing dog to have thick skin and good strong coat.all the best with whatever route you take.

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