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Break Away Rabbit Snare

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Great idea, not only for the deer but it takes me back to what turned out to be a full blown argument with an irate dog owner who came across me as i was setting rabbit snares. (not on runs by the way) They were set on the gaps in the fence! He was convinced my snares would take his dogs foot off. After it all calmed down it turns out he was an ok bloke who had a bad experience with young lads setting snares who had told him to f*** o** in the past. After abit crack on i managed to turn him round about snareing the right places for the given area thinking about the public. I try to set them where no one can see but with the law and right of access this can sometimes be hard. Anyway that little clip on the snare is great and if i knew about them then i probably would have been useing them at that place as i did know dogs were walked there. At least try and keep the public on our side because we are all a dieing breed.

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