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male harris at wits end

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has anyone got any advice for me please, ive not been into falconry that long, but my male harris is driving me nutts hes an excellent hunter and has took plenty of game for me its just his squaking is driving me nutts hes not an imprint but every time he sees me or hears me hes off squarking, ive altered his mews and tried everything to stop this but im at my wits end with him cant whey him up hes silent whilst out hunting and gets fed quality food any advice please lads.

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my mhh went through the same thing and sometimes still does it, he is silent when hunting and when i am not about but still some times kicks off. i got him to stop alot of it by getting someone else to feed him and also not to feed him off of there fist after a while he stoped, he's not 100% but nearly there

hope this helps

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Guest forest falconry

Hi Mate,

I feel for you! as a breeder of Harris Hawks and flown more than twenty different ones over the years it is something that crops up often. There are so many things that could cause the noise, including bordom.

I have seen lots tried with various degrees of success. You have changed the mews, so am wondering if you had your old design with your bird able to see you walking towards him with his dinner, this is one cause.

I have seen one guy put a bird table directly outside the mews, and he said it gave his Harris something to watch keeping him from bordom.

When flying him, try not to call him to your fist to often, he should follow you if you make sure the action happens around you, get into every bush and flush like mad! If all else fails lone him to someone and see if he shuts up then start him again after he molts. I hope this helps, and sorry that this is all a little disjointed, but Im kind of thinking out loud and typing.

Lets get all the things listed here that have been tried, as im sure theres loads.


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hi are you feeding him in the same place each day? if so take a walk around some where else. he might be associating you beeing in that place as feeding time

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I recon once he's start screaming you won't completely stop it, you can reduce it with the methods suggested. You might have to just put up with it until his second season when his voice will deepen and he'll sound like just another one of them crows. Rather than screaming think of it as calling. My MHH only calls when he sees me in the garden, I like to think this is excitement to go hunting rather than direct food association, but he associates me with going hunting which results in him getting fed off a kill so indirectly it is food association.

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