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  1. Is it the black one that wins the races? They look fast right enough.
  2. I wasn't Mark no. Just a side on pic of the dogs.
  3. Mark have you got a link to some pics of you dogs?
  4. Ah the memories, I was listerning to most stuff with a Trojan label, of course Bad Manners , can you remember the 4skins. Spent my teenage years with Quadrophenia on the deck.
  5. For those people who bought one of these http://www.northerntooluk.com/products.asp?partno=168630E how is it performing, any problems. Cheers
  6. The bullx retrieves nicely, doesn't let go so good so yes the meat is slightly bruised.
  7. Fletcher


    I usually whistle him back with my mouth but if chased something quite a distance I use an old police whistle. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/COLLECTORS-OLD-LIVER...1QQcmdZViewItem
  8. Thats good going, the only chance I'd have at a woodcock would be on the lamp.
  9. A rabbit knife I made, has served me well for a couple of years.
  10. My 2 year old Patt will f**k off when he feels like it, some days he will, others he'll not bother. There doesn't have to be any game around, I think it's a terrier thing and not much that can be done about it other than keeping them teathered or in a compound. Just my opinion.
  11. i think your getting my hilarity confused with anger friend, you tried to be a smart arse and it backfired on you, just accept that you look silly and get on with life. maybe its because you have ginger pubes or a shit dog why your mad fella but happy hunting to you anyway Oi they're not all knobbers, just most of them.
  12. There's f**k all shit about that dog mate, how can you make a comment about a dog from one crap video clip. You just seem to be on here to wind people up, so f**k off back to where you came from your just a MESSER. Forgot to say keep up the good work TJ.
  13. Ben Long hawking vest, perfect for ducking, diving, vaulting fences etc. Room for plenty of game in the back and enough pockets, my only regret is I bought the leather instead of the cordura, the leather one goes rigid if it get too wet or too much blood on it, so i have to keep painting it with neatsfoot oil, should last a lifetime if I look after it.
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