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Books In The Making.

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Hey fellas,

As some of my friends on here know, I've been throwing a couple books together when I have the time away from work or family or what have you.

I've kept them close to my chest to ensure no one beat me to the punch with my ideas. Now I feel like they're ready to be heard about.


There has been a lot of talk on here wondering why no one has been writing simple, good hunting books about the hunting and little else. I got so tired of the complaining, I thought Id give it a go myself.


I think everyone on here will enjoy both books. Though my pride is in the fiction I wrote about a young man and his favorite terrier. The story takes place in the 1960's when terrier work for the most part was allowed to be what it should be.

If you like terriers, hounds, boxing and other manly pursuits not well enough enjoyed today, you'll enjoy this one. I'm really excited about this story as I put my soul into it.


The other is a book about the dogs and the hunting done in my home turf, Oregon, United States of America. They say to write what you know, so I stuck to that. Though some of the men I have met both abroad and in the states could fill a book of information with their stories, this book sticks to the plain and simple aspects of working mongrel terriers on more types of game than is available almost anywhere else in the world. My only wish is that I could have gotten more first hand stories from fellas who hunt different game than I do.


I am at the end of the process and hope to have them published by October. I hope to get some input from people here on cover designs and what not, once I have them.


Thought I'd let you all in on the news.


Take care

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