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That's hard lines mate I think I mentioned on a previous post. I had a real well bred Russell bitch only 9half inches but had such a big heart and super keen for the work cut out for her, I work mine above before they get going below it would take me sometimes twenty mins or so to get her out from cover and was becoming very steady at flushing and finding, just over a year she dropped to ground natural bolted one and was kept back again, at fourteen months old I was bushing an area where she came out and looked very tired I carried her home. Over the next six weeks and several vet visits this bitch got worse an worse breathing went passing out eventually could hardly run in the garden but her mind was still willing. She was pts and it tore abit out of me and has made me question all that I go through, I put everything into all my dogs but this wee hero I was most proud off for how she went about herself an with the folks that claimed she's to small an all that bollocks. I'm without a digging dog this year as the other is retired maybe for the best as I'm still wondering why we put ourselfs through it

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