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Dogs For Hawks. (Specifically Terriers)

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Hello. Has anyone got any experience of working a hawk along side a terrier. I'm aware that largely breeds like the spaniel are used and that it's a size issue. However if brought up alongside a border terrier would i be able to fly the hawk over it. (and use the border terrier to bush) or will the border be too small and the hawk view it as prey? Any advice or experiences gratefully accepted! Thanks.

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A terrier could work well with a hawk and flush enough stuff but they do tend to go to ground. I sometimes used to have to fit locator collars to my terriers when they were out bushing and ratting as you never know when a fox will have popped down a drain, earth or stack of bales. Twice whilst lamping rats I had to wait until they bolted a fox before I could go home. It would be too risky in areas with badgers which is just about everywhere these days. There are enough people using terriers out with Hawks and for generel bushing so it can be done but it wouldn't be for me. I lost a terrier out bushing that was fitted with a locator collar so im perhaps biased against terriers running around loose. Hunting with my Harris isn't difficult but she can go missing on a kill etc etc and I don't think I'd want anything else that might give me something to stress about lol

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Many years ago I used a Lakeland terrier for bushing out rabbits and moorhens for my Harris Hawk.

As Pointer stated above, there is always the risk of the dog going to ground.

I suppose a lot depends on the dog in question.

A lot of American hunters use Jack Russell types with their Redtails or Harris' for bushing.

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So is this the border in your avatar? Will it already work cover?


I'm just thinking if that's what you've got to work with & have no intention of getting an alternative, then give it a go....

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Yeah that border. She's an excellent cover worker and sound as anything round birds of prey. She totally respects them despite being a very sagacious dog when in pursuit of mammal quarry. It's more her I'm worries about. Would a female hawk hurt her. in which case there's no way I'd use her and a spaniel would have to be procured.

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If your dog is putting up enough game for your hawk there shouldn't be a problem.

If there is no game for extended periods, the hawk can get frustrated and sometimes they take it out on the dog.

Sometimes they will rake over the dog, sometimes they may bind to the dog.

It all depends on the hawk. Plenty of flushes helps to cement the relationship between dog and hawk.

Be careful that the dog doesn't bump the hawk off a kill, and once on a kill, always give the hawk some space as they can be protective of their

kills especially with nosey dogs if it gets too close.

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