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Penny X Milo Pups

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five bitches 3 dogs

this was her at 12 month 27tts

this is my bitch outta Milo at 8 year old

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Out of the 8, 2 got killed, 1 ran over and the other ate a dead rat that had been poisened and my bitch I kept sprung her toe, so I decided to pet home her with a lad that already had 2 out the litter, which now his son uses for a mooching dog. But everyone is more then happy with them. A lad who owns a dog and a bitch, not many of use might believe but killed a fox with his totally by accident said he's terrier was just in the bushes and bolted a fox, the big dog pup coursed it, took a nasty bite then lost his lid and smashesd it in, he said the bitch was into it to but not as much as the dog. He said he's had a lot of good offers for the dog but turned them away. Another lad who has 2 dogs, is more than happy with his done a little bit lamping with his, and can't wait for season. And as you can see wideboys bitch turned into a beauty but still only young, and I'm sure she'll some graft up there with him. The lot of them look well but I'll try to get some recent pictures of them. And I think there all quite tall for being youngsters, the bitch I had was massive I think he said she'll make 27. And the bitch he's got is 25 but my grow another inch or so. And I think the dogs are 27 but the height probably comes from storm

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