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Shooting Mags, Free For Collection

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Hi all smile.gif

I've decided to have a bit of a clear out (due to her indoors moaning) and I have approximately 10 years worth of Sporting shooter, Sporting gun, and a couple of years worth of Airgun shooter as well. Not had a chance to count them all yet due to being stored away, but I would imagine that there must be about 100/120 issues or so, give or take.

Should anybody be interested just drop me a line and I'll dig them all out for you. These must all go at once though, as I dont want to be sorting out different issues etc, and posting off,

John :thumbs:


ps : Mods: I couldn't find a section to post the item ''Magazines'' so please move to correct forum if need be



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Hi I'd like any airgun mags and a few sporting gun as well.

Where are you ?

Might need posted.

My Hermes are very cheap couriers which I use often. Obviously I'll pay postage if your happy to post.

Let me know at breakittome@gmail.com


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