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A Few Miles This Morning.....

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That black dog in the second picture looks like right killing machine. :thumbs:

B.R.I's saluki half x mate, can run abit :thumbs:

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RossM, on 29 Sept 2014 - 6:22 PM, said:


andy26, on 29 Sept 2014 - 08:43 AM, said:

There is loads of cow's on the land we lamp an they charge us soon as they see us my lamping partner f***ing hates them he has me in stitches watching him run for the nearest fence and throwing him self over

Even worse, I got 2 dunts from a leccy fence, stabbed in the Heid from a bit barbed wire, and ripped my jacket at the same time....... :laugh:



Good enough for ya ya wee fud :D


Cows scare me like. Ferreting last year and they're behind you the whole time, then when you're walking out they're hot on your heels after you. Just being inquisitive like but still. One field I don't think I touched the ground i walked that fast :laugh:

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