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Any One Help Please

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Hi can any one help please im looking to take my lad wild camping


before he goes back to school in just over a week my lad is 14 and I am 49 so we are responsible we need just a few nights away in the North Yorkshire area, some where we would be able to make a small camp fire, pitch up a small 2 man tent I have tried all the holidays with no success to gain permission to do this my lad wanted to do it properly and try to make it as wilder camping as possible by been able to take a few rabbits for eating but unfortunately no one will give us permission.


I am hoping some one on here may be able to help and let us wild camp for a few night if you can help then I would be very great full

thank you

as time is now running out before school



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Didn't you post this the other week? Or there is a story I request very similar by another member.

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Mate. I think thats it. No one...


Contact the owners ya sen man.


Best of luck.

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my brothers go camping in the lakedistrict .with a bit of a mob from time to time they dont get any trouble .That is all I know there is 22 year age gap I live in London they live in Morecambe .So they must camp nearer Morcambe . no shooting just camping .

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