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Heavy Or Light Pellets

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Afternoon people,


Over the last few weeks i have been wondering what weight pellet would be best suited to my hw35, I have been using H&N FTT which are 15.55gr but I also have some Bisley magnums at 21.6 gr, my question is would the FTT give me a straighter trajectory and less mussel energy? And would the magnums give more power but a more curved path?


Before I replaced my mainspring I was grouping really tight with H&N FTT now I can't get within 2" at 30 yards, has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so how can I remedy it :(


Please include any experiences good or bad

Cheers and ATB,



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Lighter pellets generally give higher reading over the cronographs using springers for some reason I can't remember but that's not to say a heavier pellet such as a jsb won't perform better just because it's heavier and not putting out 0.5 of a flbs less. It's all just experimenting and testing mate

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if you have got a new tin of h n ftt that could be the reason .Also a spring piston air gun relies on timing where the piston is and when the pellet starts moving. I dont know the ins and outs of this ,but I have read a bit and have noticed pellets behave differently in the same gun with different power . a light pellet is the best thing to shoot out of a spring gun for power . So I shoot some lightish pellets over a chrono the most powerful are then checked for accuracy .The most accurate pellets are then used .If I wanted a laugh I would shoot bisley magnums out of a springer and loose lots of power .

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If you want to see which pellet gives a flatter trajectory and to save buying either a tin of each or go to buy one of those trial packages. If you download the Hawke Chair Gun Pro, what you can do then is to put in all of your constant figures in the program. Then you can play around changing the pellets and it will give you a visual idea of each pellet trajectory.

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