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Snaring Rabbits

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Any help?! I've been asked to get some rabbits so I set up some homemade snares which were made out of picture frame wire. But I haven't seemed to of caught anything! I set them up on the runs going in and out of the hedge, and a few on the holes themselves! Any tips or hints? Any help will be well appreciated

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put your hand side ways on the floor, you want the bottom of the snare nearly touching the top of your hand, do you have tealers ? is the loop wide enough for the rabbits head to go through, and is it free running easily,... proper snares are only 30-40 pence each to buy, or the snare/tealer and peg for £1.20 there maybe somthing on you tube which may help, ATB let us know how you get on with it, and some pictures would help, :thumbs: foxtails

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Shouldn't put them on the enterance of the holes mate as the rabbits will slowly amerge from the burrow looking for predators you want to catch them on the runs mate.

Atb with your snares mate pictures would be good!

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Forget the hand height crap no good yes you will catch the odd 1 or 2 but most your snares will be knocked. Set them at 61/2 inches-9 inches depending on the terrain your setting them on,make sure you have a big loop for the rabbits head to fit through including its ears on top. Don't waste your money on shop bought snared they are shite. Good luck mate 👍

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