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Guest shaheen

Well prevention is better than cure,tether the bird in a quiet place where it is less likely to become startled and hence less likely to bate away.

But the most important of all is to keep the leash length as short as possible.It is common sense that the faster the bird is travelling at the time when the jesses stop the hawk,the greater the chance of those legs breaking.The longer the leash is,the further the hawk flies before it is stopped,and hence the faster it is flying at the point of impact.

I personally tie the leash as tight as possible,whilst still allowing the hawk free movement on the bow,the leash is just long enough to reach from the ring at the base of the bow to the apex of the bow.

Hope the Harris will be ok.




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Guest foxyforce1

Hi folks, just a quick update, the Bird seems to be doing well after his operation, hes even started using his bow perch! hes currently on more drugs than pete docherty and is being fed up on rats and chicks with a vitamin suppliment, he can put pressure on the leg but is still a bit ify on walking on them, will see the full extent when he gets the pins out in a couple of weeks, im keeping up the manning although the bird is free lofted and cant really sit on the fist he is leting me hand feed him chick legs etc.To anyone reading this who has just got a new Bird for the first time or thinking about geting one, if you do i cant stress enough how important it is to get insurance cover for your bird asap as you never know what will happen, i didnt have cover when the bird was injured and am now counting the cost but lucky enough im in a position where he can still get the care he needed but others may not be as lucky financially i mean so like i said its pretty important as its the bird that will suffer in the long run, ill keep you posted on his progress.


cheers Billy

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