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Stalking Without A Dog?!

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i dont know a single hobby shooter that shoots 80 a year i dont know many keeperes that shoot that many


sorry guys been away boating for a while and have missed this.


Hate to throw a spanner but last season 1st Aug 2012 - 1st Aug 2013 I had 98 mainly fallow, but then we have a lot around here, 1st Aug 2013 to date - f**k all. yes ive been out and yes ive seen 50 and 60 grazing on fields I shoot but the gun hasn't seen daylight yet. over the years I had to rely on a book to log them now its a phone and its easy, I have pics all different times and dates and the phone gets cleared each yr and all pics put on a file on pc. last year I had no need for a deer dog as all shots hit the target, I had 2 that I followed and located within 100 yds both dead.


On a couple of other notes DSC do I have it? no. will I do it? No. been doing this game to long to remember for some jumped up H&S spanner to tell me now, and do I have a deer dog? not now, but my plan is not to need one and its a shame they don't teach that, I cant shoot on FC land as I don't have "the bit of paper", so my local FC has a muppet who lives 75 miles away come down twice a year and "controls deer". One of my farms borders a wood that was used by a deer management co (he has lost it now ive got it) and he let anyone who paid £75 per day shoot and you had to have a DSC, over the years ive shot double figures of wounded deer from area, (and no that is not why my tally is high before someone gets in).


There is nothing like experience and yes everyone has to learn. but deer dog compulsory? really ive got 2 spaniels and I can never see them being as good/steady as a certain dog belonging to a well known contributor from Kent on here.


The only thing is at the beginning of next year unless you are in possession of that magic piece of paper that your so adamant in not obtaining irrespective of whether you intended stalking on F.C land or private land it matters not as it will become law in Scotland that you have it . ( SNH directive to the Scottish Parliament)

There is going to be a considerable number of older stalkers who will not be able to stalk anymore as a lot like yourself are of the same frame of mind..


Bucking the system often dosent work , I learned that a long time ago.


I should add I dont think it will be to long thereafter that the British Government follows suite with in line with the Scottish Directive either.




Thanks Stu


its good to get an update on these things, being in BASC I read their mags but that's about it I don't do study laws etc, im in to boating in a big way and the red tape that is being brought in there is enough, some of the EU regs have destroyed a small part of the boating industry and is set to get worse.


The problem with any of these certifications is who regulates the regulators and I don't necessarily think its you guys who do a good job to the newbies and it is a good way to start, im sure if I was starting today I would do it and if I had to do it by law then maybe I would, me and sussex can sit at the back with our pack lunch and shorts on and learn, not sure about it though. but along will come someone else who will design a course for the likes of us and it will be recognised by the powers that be as an alternate course and will be allowed. Now that will be a good thing but it wont be as strict so standards will automatically be lowered by those who have brought in rules to ensure its high.


I do think the course should not be as long though I know it covers things I don't need to know, there should be a more localised course, I have a fair chunk of land in Sussex and I doubt I will carry a gun out of it, so my Fallow and Roe and my .243 is all I need to know. im sure Scotland shooting is nice but its something I wouldn't do even if someone paid me.


Thanks for keeping us all updated and please continue to do so its your career so you will keep up to date and pass that on which is great, mine is corporate entertainment so I have enough to do.





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