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Advice Needed!!!

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I have an 8 month old patterdale/lakeland x Parsons terrier. He stays in the house and is a great family dog. However, this was not the sole purpose of me buying him. I want to use him for rats and eventually foxes. When I take him a walk there will be heaps of rabbits running around in the field however he only sees and chases a few as he is more interested in marking his spot by pissing everywhere. I know im not wanting him for hunting rabbits but im questioning how strong his killer instinct is. Any advice?

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Did the dog come off working parents ?? a dog needs a good nose for finding stuff no matter what the intended quarry,I always watch my young stock when they cross a fresh line that you seen enter the cover and see if it stops in its tracks to follow,the best dogs have plenty of nose,starting on rats is always a good move and its just the right age for it now,good luck,WM

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