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pigeon shooting rain all day

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out yesterday .

it was pouring down all day

no decoys

ended up with 30 pigeons

great shooting there were thousands of birds . i have never seen so many birds in terable condiations.only 2 came down to late afternoon pattern.

has anyone experianced strange behavior in our warmed condiations. above is one change .there are 2 more of which i will post later

ps .when i arrived someone had totaly destroyed this good posiation by plucking and leaving all pigeon bits splatered at every posiation to deter any shooter enjoying any other days shooting.

i had noticed this before and had cleaned catridges and general garbage up 3 or 4 times before but this time i told the farmer. this is a principal of mine never clipe on anyone but i had enough. GOOD JOB I DID said one of the other guys had

acused me previousley . And know he has been prown in a hurray to leave a mess.

anyway the moral of this story is that the guilty party wasent me or the outher guy either it was my friend who had been down 2 days previous


signed by the way

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Pouring down with rain?

i was sat here in my shorts and t shirt melting.


Sounds like you had a good day any way.

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