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should pups be shown rabbit skin ?

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hi all as u may now im new to the forum and

hunting dogs my pups are 5 month old just wondering if its a good idea

to show them rabbit skins to get them used to in ? cheers

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I've never bothered mate, solid retrieving training is key, with a dummy. Though if you want to wrap one round a dummy for retrieving work I don't see any problems with it.

Just don't use it for tug of war type games, which you shouldn't do in the first place, with anything... ;)

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thanks for replys its just some one told me

no to bother as pups would naturaly chase

but thought thats what people would say thank

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That would be a good thing to do if you plan on catching rabbits .. I use a old sock with corn in and sow the skin to it with a couple of meters or rope to pull it with or use a old coke bottle ( the small one's and put corn in it and sow the rabbit skin around that). the dogs will have plenty of fun with it..

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