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Guest borderboys


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Guest borderboys

alright chaps,

im going to college in september to do a two year game keeping course just wondered if any of you have got any books or dvds so i could get abit of basic infomation before i start.

p.s iv already read: bothsides of the fence autobiography of poacher turned gamekeeper

the gamekeeper

the woods belong to me




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I have a vast 'keepering library but I have to admit most of my titles are from way back when gin traps were legal and the Euston System was still in its infancy!


The modern books don't tend to have much detail or rely on the principle of releasing more game to cope with losses through bad husbandry (vermin, disease, straying etc)


One book I would recommend would be Game Conservation by Charles Coles which is a big volume but is well worth its weight as a standard reference to the subject, with its roots set in Game Conservancy heritage.


They do show up on eBay, in fact there is one on there right now ;)



PM me if you want any more information or recommends



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im about to start my gamekeeping course at college in september too and have a fair bit of experience with a keeper. how did you get your place at college without having a fair bit of previous experience? im going to sparsholt and they required that you had previous experience.


cheers james


also recommend "the gamekeepers year" and " the keepers diary" dvds

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Guest borderboys

no you didnt need any previous experience just the grades and a strong drive to work in the country ect.

im tryin to get some experience cause it 1 day release for working with a keeper but its proving difficult tryin to find one round here.

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Guest ragumup

I would recommend the way of the gamekeeper by Jill mason as it a fictional story its easier to take in well, it was for me when i was starting out all them years ago

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