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Peregrine/Lanner gone awol from Norfolk

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Not the sort of introduction I wanted all but will update profile later.


Peri/Lanner female flown at gulls, corvids went from Great Yarmouth on friday 27th April south on last signal 173.205 batteries prob run out today ish 3rd May, was spotted in St Albans so going south still.

She will come to swung lure ungarnished, she will come over you to a waved glove.

I need her back asap, love this bird

She is a brown bird ................


Any help appreciated


You can reach me on 07754126322


Kindest regards Alec

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I'm in Norwich area, I'll have a look around and a wave about with the telemetry shortly. if she comes into this area she could well be attracted to the birds calling in the garden this time of the year in the breeding season.


Good luck for the safe return of your bird.



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This is picture of "Ellie" any sightings please let me know 07754126322


Regards Alec

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That's a stunning looking falcon..the best of luck for a safe return..

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