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  1. Wingbeat

    tercil peregrine

    This is my eyas Tiercel and 10 year old behind .... once you fly a Peregrine everything else is a bit slow Alec
  2. Wingbeat

    Flying Weight

    Well said that man
  3. Wingbeat

    Flying Weight

    Dont forget guys that as you find that ideal weight and start flying your bird she will need more energy (food) to build the muscle up thereby taking her ideal weight up .... This is more for eyas birds but refers to all raptors. Also when you weigh her on the scales the reading you see is either on the way up or on the way down ? hope you understand this ........ Regards Alec
  4. Wingbeat

    preperation for winter hawking??

    Be very careful if drying birds with hairdryer's as some of the new ones have Teflon fans that give of Toxic gas when hot and will kill your bird ................ Alec
  5. Wingbeat

    What size bars on a Mews

    Hi Ken Not a problem for me as bars are 2ft max, you could put dowling in centre for longer lengths ....... Alec
  6. Wingbeat

    What size bars on a Mews

    I use 22mm plastic pipe from Screwfix .... does the job fine. http://www.screwfix.com/p/floplast-pex-pipe-22mm-x-2m-pack-of-10/54254 Alec
  7. Wingbeat

    What and What not to feed a Harris.

    If you have the room a large boulder will do the trick, I always take the point off all my birds talons for their own protection (self inflicted wounds) they will be able to keep hold of the quarry dont you worry about that .... I de-egg most of my day old chicks when flying so my gloves stay clean ............. Alec
  8. Wingbeat

    What and What not to feed a Harris.

    Stick to the old favourites and you won't go far wrong, I have never fed and of my birds fish so cant comment ..... A good varied diet is the answer taking into account that certain foods will pack the weight on .... Alec
  9. Wingbeat

    Dead day old chicks

    Buy all mine from here: http://www.kiezebrink.co.uk/ Talk to Sarah, she flys a Harris Alec
  10. Wingbeat

    What and What not to feed a Harris.

    Hi KenKeeping Day old ducks are a good source of food if you can get them, they have NO egg sack and will put more weight on your bird, if feeding pigeon make sure you remove head & crop and freeze before feeding to your bird, they carry lots of nasty's ..... Alec
  11. Wingbeat

    Vitamin Supplements

    What I was saying was it doesn't do them any harm in moderation, your just making sure they get ALL vits & minerals that may not be in your chosen raptor food, I have been using vits for donkies years and all my birds have been problem free and very healthy. Dont forget the one thats very important, vitamin D from the sun For years they were saying about DOCS, remove egg sack as not good now they saying it does good occasionally fed whole. Feed raptor specific vits but dont over do it .... 2-3 times in 7 days plenty, too too too much and you could poison your bird ... Alec
  12. Wingbeat

    Vitamin Supplements

    Hi JJ There is no harm in feeding supplements in with your normal foods, it just guarantees that your bird is getting ALL the Vits & Minerals that she needs for a long and healthy life. SA37 used to be the one I used but many on the market now, buy from falconry related site and you won't go wrong. Dont over do it, once or twice over 7 days is plenty. Regards Alec
  13. Wingbeat

    New GPS telemetry

    Can't comment on way Darryl speaks to others but only way he talks to me and thats polite and proffesional, just like all new things as Jasper65 says things will improve and like I said the chips are available to make this so small but F****** expensive at mo (thousands), time will bring price down, but the unit in its infantsy is more or less flawless (apart from size), it works and gives you bird location and thats what we want at end of day to find bird asap. Alec
  14. Wingbeat

    New GPS telemetry

    Hi All Daryll from GB Falconry sent me and Adrian Halgarth (Scotland) a unit each, on first inspection I thought it a bit big so only really suitable for birds of around 2lb up, it fits on a track pack and lays neatly between the wings. Switching on the unit, it goes into searching for sat etc, to cut a long story short, if your bird goes off you phone the unit up and it will ring twice then hang up on you, the unit on bird will then call you back with a text which when opened will bring up a map with its location to nearest postcode, and its altitude so you know how high off ground its sitting or still flying. It is definately the way forward and Daryll will no doubt move forward when chips become less expensive and smaller. Adrian has been using his unit extensively up in Scotland where signals are hard to find, he sent out a collegue with a GPS unit and standard tag, he lost signal on tag after 4 miles but the GPS unit kept giving Adrian its whereabouts continuosly !!! It does work with a android phone and the distance is ............ as long as you have a signal, this Country or abroad .... Griff that someone mentioned owns the Welsh Hawking Centre in Barry South Wales, I used to work there 20+ years ago, he is very well respected and spends most of his time out in Dubia now. Daryll is a nice man to do business with and well worth a look on his website for Falconry equipment. Regards All Alec P.S Its a shame I didn't have this before my Peri/Lanner p***** off, she still not back so eyes to the sky all, Thanks add me on facebook: Alec Shearer
  15. Wingbeat

    Red kite ?

    Its a wing tag (ID) Duncan ......