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Nissan Pathfinder '57' Adventura

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Does anyone have an automatic Pathfinder?


Every so often my Pathfinder goes into 'limp mode'.


Usually straight after giving it a bit of throttle.


I have been told that it may be the Fuel Pressure Switch and other things.


Has anyone else experienced the same?


The only way to reset it is to pull over, switch of the engine and re-start.


It's not so bad when it happens on a normal road but I am not looking forward to the day it happens on the M1 or M25.

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It could be the EGR valve mate, Have you tried using an injector cleaning additive may be a cheap fix.


My astra used to do the same, I took the EGR Valve off cleaned it with brake/clutch cleaner put it back on, added fuel additive and took the car for a good clear out on the A1m 10 miles at 100+ did the trick as it'snever gone back in limp mode in 3 years.

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