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A Mouchers Tale

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Books on our interest are somewhat limited and myself, along with many others i'm sure tend to buy them all to swell their collection. As a kid it was mainly Plummer books that were available to enthusiasts, magazine space was limited and only the working terrier mag, later to become EDRD catered for our interest. There were some classic books written by people such as Dave Harcombe, Eddie Chapman, Ted Walsh and a few others.


In recent years there have been some excellent books, J Darcy's four publications were a breath of fresh air but their were also some stinkers..........mentioning no names :whistle: :laugh: I remember as a kid reading Lloyd on lurchers in shooting news, I didn't own a lurcher and still don't but at the time scratched around local tips and quarry catching bunnies day and night with a collie. I have since progressed to a German Shepherd for conies :blink:


When Phils book arrived this week I couldn't wait to start it and looked forward to reading about the exploits of someone who has caught more rabbits than I will probably ever see in my lifetime, the book is filled with stories of Phils hunting experience and gives opinions/advice on equipment such as nets and also the rabbiters partner, the ferret, Phils discuss the subject "do all ferrets work"? The pros and cons of various crosses are discussed and there are some touching tales about some of Phils favourite dogs. The story of Phils first judging "experience" :chair: goes to show that the value of a rosette is not a recent development :no: . I can highly recommend this book and i'm kicking myself for not sending a cheque sooner :tongue2: For me to really enjoy a book the author must panit a picture and enable me to sink into the pages, a Mouchers tale does just that.......


To sum it up Phil must have more tales to tell and should get on and write a second book :good:

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yes i found it a good read but lent it of my

mate samba thanks :clapper:

would be nice to have it back though :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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