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Some pics from my Dogo Argentino's (not allowed in the UK)

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I believe you.... but do NOT know how to import them in the UK...I have looked for a legal way and realy don't know or din't find a way.... they are on the "forbidden" list in the UK.... Don't ask me why but it's the law overthere.... but believe it or not my dogs are extreemly kind exept for unwanted persons.... One word and they attacking but also one word and they stop attacking...


They are living in the house and I hunt with them and they are playing (while I see it of course) with my kids .... never is there been a attack or never there is a reason to believe that they are gonna attack someone... This year during summer we had a BBQ with more then 40 people overhere.... I think the people din't know that the dogs where there....


If you know a way to bring them to the UK I'm more then happy to sell one of course.



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I dont think there is a way mate but one day im hoping to travel to see abit of hog hunting and hopefilly these dogs will be there !

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As far as a Chessie being able hold it's own with hogs I'd say certainly, they've got the heart . The only thing they're lacking is legs under 'em and the ability to work under heat as is common in pig country . Hunting hogs is hot work.


That being said , I don't personally use 'catch' dogs . Have friends that do and we hunt together quite a bit. But when hunting on my own , I'm perfectly happy to just have a bay and do the wet work myself .

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