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  1. I believe you.... but do NOT know how to import them in the UK...I have looked for a legal way and realy don't know or din't find a way.... they are on the "forbidden" list in the UK.... Don't ask me why but it's the law overthere.... but believe it or not my dogs are extreemly kind exept for unwanted persons.... One word and they attacking but also one word and they stop attacking... They are living in the house and I hunt with them and they are playing (while I see it of course) with my kids .... never is there been a attack or never there is a reason to believe that they are gonna attack someone... This year during summer we had a BBQ with more then 40 people overhere.... I think the people din't know that the dogs where there.... If you know a way to bring them to the UK I'm more then happy to sell one of course. Grtz
  2. Seems verry nice mate... When you ever are not happy with... just send it oke.. and will do the job.
  3. SOLD................ Guys, I have to much air rifles overhere and I'm considering for swapping a s200 MK III (latest new model) in 5.5 for a Super Sport and or a TX200 (I prefer the longer barrel but a HC is possible) in walnut. MUST BE IN SUPERB - MINT or even NEW condition. I prefer the 5.5 mm but this is not nessecary. Hole in hole on 50 meters (+- 55 yards) Atached a pic on 75 meters +- 82 yards... Weapon is now shooting at 21 ftp with JSB exact = 28 joule The work I have done and the prices are: Weapon is normaly 365 £ Silencer is normaly 38,5 £ Swivvelstuds normaly 18 £ Sling normaly 22 £ Studs normaly 9 £ Multishotadaptor normaly 60 £ High Power spring is normaly 5.5 £ Bipod is normaly 65 £ Scope is normaly152 £ Scope mounts is normaly 28 £ Brass parts are normaly 128 £ I do NOT count the work or needer the parts I made myself... (+- 9 hours) All the shippingcost I have done (+- £) but I don't count them... What is with: Multishotmagazin and magazin ofcourse. (NEW) 60 £ Fillerplug. (NEW) Silencer (modified) (NEW) 38,5 £ Swivvelstuds (NEW) 18 £ NO ANTITAMPER anymore. Completely tuned, burrs removed, trigger polished, FAC, hammer and spring (5,5 £) done etc... (I'm NOT gonna say here on the open forum what I just have done because it is against the rules and against the UK laws) PRICE 390 £ for the above or swap for a TX in .22 in walnut What is NOT with? No scope ( the scope is NOT for sale under NO condition) No Sportmatch mounts (The mounts are NOT for sale under NO condition) No sling No Bipod No Brass parts. All those parts are NEW and never used ... They cost me more then 350 £ without 4 times shippingcost (also +- 78 £) I'm willing to selling those to but then I need cash my way or something shootingrelated from around the same value... Incase that the new owner wants the "What is NOT with" parts also I threw a Richter OPTIC scope 3 - 9 x 40 with. Price: A NEW PROSPORT walnut .22 + 175 £ cash my way for the above. Weapon is now a FAC but this is perfectly possible and allowed overhere in Belgium.... When someone is interested in I will turn it down under the LEGAL UK LIMIT before shipping to the UK. Weapon is in 99,9 % new condition (it is actualy a new one to) Pics are from the weapon like it is now with all the extra's on it. I will send with Track & Trace to the new owner. I'm open for offers.... Grtz Bmwmotard.
  4. In case of... send it to me.... I sandblast the stock.... put some orther oils on and or paint it (as you personally can desiite of course)... When I oil it... I also polishing it... Grtz mate... Stefaan
  5. yes please..... PICS !!!!! wouhaaaaa
  6. It's a few days hard work to get it done mate. I speek of experience...
  7. Pics please ....heheheegegege
  8. That last one is a FACT hehehehehehehehehehe Belgians and beer... Verry dangerious combination..... Wouhaaaaaaaaaa
  9. Hey my friend, We don't know each other (yet hehehehe) but in the spring I will come over o the UK when everything is fine for visiting Mike and Mary. Do some hunting (maybe ???) etc... Just bewteen under friends if you know what I mean. We maybe have the change then to see each other also... What I hear from Mary is that you are a realy top guy and she touched my heart about you. So it is more then diserved that you have this weapon. I thanks extreemly Mary and Mike for there friendship, kind words and honesty. Bether to have 1 good friend (far and away) but in the heart instead of many friends next to your door wich are always taking a profit of you. Grtz and al the best my firend. Stefaan and Carine Belgium
  10. It was a pleaure to do my friend. Mike and Mary are verry good friends of me (Mister and missis Mole overhere) and we can help each other why shoulnd we do it then. I hope that you have manny manny years of pleasure with the weapon. You diserve it out the bottom of my heart. Grtz Stefaan aka: bmwmotard
  11. Well guys and girls... I also wanna thank those two wonderfull people who are almost gonna celebrate there birthday (in 2 days and 5 days I think)...They did allot already for me to and shipped already a lot of weapons to Belgium for me... Extreemly trustfull, friendly and always prepared to help others.... Mry and Michael... I thank you out the bottem of my heart. Next visit to the UK in 2 monts or so I will bring a hole trunck of Belgian beer with. thanks Stefaan and Carine Belgium aka: bmwmotard.
  12. Price??? Reason why that you are selling mate??? .22 or .177
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