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taxidermy apprenticeship

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hey lads whats the process of becoming a taxidermist do you serve as an apprentice or is it like trial and error build a portfolio type of thing and hope for clients ??


all help would be much appreciated

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Hi chap,

I have looked into it a bit recently myself and it seems to be a bit of a combination of both. My local taxidermist just started out himself as a hobby (he showed me his first ever attempt the last time is was in which he had kept from about 20 years ago, it was a rabbit that looked like it had taken a steroid overdose!! Apparently the most common mistake when starting out is too much stuffing and not enough time in the freezer to make sure any nasties are dead)


On the other hand there are guys who do courses but I believe they are quiet expensive and apparently most of the takers these days are art students wanting to make 'modern art'. There is def. a guy in Edinburgh and one in Yorkshire who does courses (the names escape me Im afraid, try googling them) but as I said i think its a few hundred pounds per course and each course only takes in one area, say small mamals in course one, birds in course 2 etc. etc.


Im afraid I havent been much help but I reckon you should give it a crack at home, there are some good instructional videos on the web, and ask any local pros. you know if you can shadow them. Thats pretty much what Im going to try!


All the best and hope it works for you!

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