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  1. No, not particularly late. Shall try it this week though and see what happens, your probably right! I know the farmer has stayed quite late and claims to see nothing, but he's watching from up on the hill and I just don't think he'd see anything coming in later on. Have been feeding approx 5 x 25kg sacks barley twice a week (as well as apples and tatties) and there is always some grain left in the shallows when I come to top it up, so its not as if they are being allowed to run out of food.
  2. Has anyone noticed a drop off in duck numbers over inland ponds in the last couple of weeks? Had a few geese come in early about ten days ago, but moved them on, and still no real increase in duck numbers back to our first couple of nights numbers. Just wondered if anyone else had seen a similar scenario? I'm in the north east btw.
  3. Just to add to what Halam said, I have been a member of the BASC for years and this year actually had a few problems. It was worth it just to be able to speak to some legal experts and their advice was excellent. I know you have already made up your mind mate but for anyone else reading this what the others said is true. When you actually need advice or legal information it is best to be with one of the organisations that will be able to help you. H
  4. 22snd battalion royal marines ............ hmmmmmmmm I think not !!! Pleased Im not the only one to notice that. Dcomp?
  5. All the best with your thesis, have just competed the survey and will be interested to see what conclusions you draw from the exercise!
  6. No worries chap, yes thats exactly what I did. I moved into a new house in December and installed the cabinets, placing all my guns in them. I then sent away my certificates to the issuing police force as I have moved to another county and sent the new force a letter informing them what was happening, they just got me to confirm by email that i had the weapons in a secure location and then said they would call and book an appointment to come and see me when they received the paperwork from the other police force. It has taken them two months to come and inspect the cabinets and check the weapons! And they where totally satisfied. As long as your sticking to all the usual security (keys hidden, no one else having access etc.) they seem to be totally happy. All the best, Will
  7. I had the firearms officer around on tuesday, both my cabinets are three feet off the floor and she passed them both as fine. As long as they are securely attached and you will be fine!
  8. Hi chap, I have looked into it a bit recently myself and it seems to be a bit of a combination of both. My local taxidermist just started out himself as a hobby (he showed me his first ever attempt the last time is was in which he had kept from about 20 years ago, it was a rabbit that looked like it had taken a steroid overdose!! Apparently the most common mistake when starting out is too much stuffing and not enough time in the freezer to make sure any nasties are dead) On the other hand there are guys who do courses but I believe they are quiet expensive and apparently most of the takers these days are art students wanting to make 'modern art'. There is def. a guy in Edinburgh and one in Yorkshire who does courses (the names escape me Im afraid, try googling them) but as I said i think its a few hundred pounds per course and each course only takes in one area, say small mamals in course one, birds in course 2 etc. etc. Im afraid I havent been much help but I reckon you should give it a crack at home, there are some good instructional videos on the web, and ask any local pros. you know if you can shadow them. Thats pretty much what Im going to try! All the best and hope it works for you!
  9. Having sent off my shotgun certificate to transfer it between counties on December the 13th along with an application for a FAC I finally had the FAO come round for an inspection on tuesday. Two months without a certificate with my guns in a house that has never been inspected and no way of buying any ammo! Crazy!
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