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Flying rabbits

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Just thought You people might be interested in this photo. While scouting beaver today I came across a couple rabbit hunters out with their beagle. These are actually showshoe hare. Brown in the warm months and turn white in the late fall. These were placed so the hunters could pick them up on their way out. Great sport as these guys can really move once jumped out of a thicket.


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Not knowing, I thought you just had rabbit. Your hare look to be a little bigger than ours.


And yes they are shot after being flushed. Thick softwood regrowth is where they seek cover. What was fun as a kid we'd have all the snow melt in early winter. They stand out like a sore thumb being all white. I used to hunt them with a .22 .This year, our winter was like that. I saw several, But was deer hunting at the time.


Great picture Woodga!

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