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Young Shooters

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Has your young lad/lass asked you for an air rifle yet?


If they've seen you out with yours then theres a chance that they'll want one sooner rather than later. Problem comes when they're too small for an adult sized rifle. Weihrauch have it sorted...




The HW25 is a purpose designed springer for youngsters. It's 6ft/lbs, which is half the legal limit, but's traditional Weihrauch quality and ace to play with even if you're used to something a little bigger!

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i think my first air rifle was the ASI Sniper,then the CF 16,which i loved until my dad confiscated it after he caught me shooting it out of the attic window,i never saw it again ;)

the HW 25 looks a good beginers gun,the only problem may be lack of power,resulting in wounding rather than killing the desired target,now we all know what to shoot and where to shoot but it is'nt always the case with unsupervised trigger happy kids :lol:

weve all sneeked out when the old mans at work :lol:

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The HW25 is designed more as a plinker than a full blown hunting rifle. It's really accurate too. Surprisingly so. The Germans are a big nation on field target shooting and the HW25 is designed to encourage that from very early on.


I certainly wouldn't recommend attempting to take live quarry with it unless your fieldcraft is such that you can get with 15-20yards for a head shot.


Saying that a couple of years shooting a junior rifle, for an 8 year old, would have some pretty impressive results...

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