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buying a gun?

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Try here mate,it'll have all the info you need.Lot's of good deal's in the classified's as well. ;)


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Or better still, try www.airgununiverse.org, or I may be selling one of my rifles due to an upgrade...Al :thumbs-up:

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Guest Rossco

i am looking to buy an air rifle for rabbits and other

small game

can someone help

is there any good site or shops in northamptonshire? :)



Kibworth shooting ground (out towards Leicester on the A6) has quite a good airgun shop. TJ Grimely Gunsmiths in Corby normally does a few, as does Clay shooters Supplies in Mkt Harborough.

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just do a search on the net for air guns youl get loads os shops com up also you can get some real good second hand guns i got a second hand webly xocet.22 with a mod scope and sling all posted for 160.00 just keep looking

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Guest baldie

If youre buying a gun mail order, do it soon.The violent crime reduction bill, that has just been sent for royal assent, will make mail order illegal.All airgun sellers will have to have an RFD, and comply with firearms law, like the rest of us.

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