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.243 for fox and deer

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hi all

im very new to the firearms business and got my ticket through which i have bought a .17hmr(for rabbits crows etc ) and now ive got a bigger cabinet im looking to invest in a rifle which i can use for deer and fox control as i am going to be in 2 syndicates this year and need to get things in place to control the above species

my needs are as follows 1/ a rifle to be be a light one as i have not got vehicles to carry and perch my gun on to shoot, 2/ my budget is roughly £1200 all in ie rifle, scope, and sound mod,3/a decent scope to shoot the quarry around 100 yrds (ive a viper 4-16x50 for .17hmr)

ive looked a a browning x bolt ,it felt nice to hold and stock a nice synthetic touch (not a heavy varmint barrel)this also is not a must as i wont be shooting round after round with it

what would you professions suggest please ?

any comments and ideas please also would i need a bi pod or stick ?

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I cant recomend the remingtons enough & once you have saved more money you can re-stock & trigger it. Remmys aftermarket options is endless in what can be done with them down the line. I helped a friend set up a friends remmy 700 SPS S/S in 243 & we had it zeroed in 5-10 minutes with factory 100g norma & shooting 3/4" group out the box. My mate him self has the SPS S/S in 25/06 with a jewell trigger & HS-stock & homeloaded it & it shoots 1/2" @100yrds.

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