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Who ties

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Hi All

This is just to see how many of you tie your own fishing flies.

just to ask you how do you whip finish.Or iif any of you do please can you tie some for me

will pay of course pm me thanks


Hi mate just started tying my own , its easy just look up fly tying on youtube ,buy a whip finishing tool about a fiver there a piece of piss .

I used to make crankbaits , jerkbaits and most pike lures but they are so time consumming its unreal ! , the stockies at my local place were busting on clinkhammers , these are apparantly ballbusters to tie ? , i tied some that were ok , im not an expert but just watch one of the youtube clips and its easy . Good luck

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Hi mate i tie my own. Some of my flies here. http://s595.photobucket.com/albums/tt33/greenock_photos/



How are you trying to do your whip finish by hand or useing the tool? I finish mine by hand as i find it easyer. Heres some links to help you.





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been tyin my own since i was 14. I never bothered with a whip finisher tool just do a few over hand knots and then a dab of nail varnish. I thought myself how to tie flies but the best thing is to get your arse down to your nearest gamefair this summer as there will be an expert there who will show you anything you want. my flies might not be the most elegent but they work and are durable.

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