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This is to be my first season lamping with my little whippet/collie x saluki/grey, she is about 17 months old and has apparently done a bit with her previous owner, she has caught me a fair few day time rabbits and retrived them to hand. When i take her out at night although she is catching she dosent really seem to understand that she is suposed to look down the beam and will only chase once the rabbit is moving and as a result is missing quite a few that i feel she should have caught.

Is this usual for an inexperianced dog or should i return to basics and stard dummy retriving lessons in the dark with the lamp?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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comes down to experience mate, i think 99% of dogs that go out on the lamp dont look down the beam much and tend to use their nose.


but as they get out more on the lamp they move where the lamp goes and stop using their nose as much.


one they have had a good few night on the lamp and some runs they will start to look down the beam where ever you point it


atb mate

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