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    running dogs bushing ferretin carp fishin just killing an catching realy
  1. im back the dentiost tooth out pain on way

  2. aint u tryin t sell sire on here
  3. you aint the only 1 mate tried five nights to line a bitch just about to call it a day and he got there locked for twenty minutes happyu now but nowt as stressful as mating dogs atb johno
  4. just giz a ring rob chuck my whippet over her you no his breeding u l;ike the dog your lass likes it will see you at pickering sunday
  5. hello i saw you got some nets was wondering what ounce they are and if you still got them please pm me if so cheers

  6. yea nice bitch pic doesnt do her justice frightens the life outa me just speed merchants lookin forward to next season on the stubble
  7. hia lads got a bitch bred benji to stardust fine strong bitch 2yr old here she is shit pic like
  8. hia mate you could get it mounted or stick it in a large sealed bucket pierce a few hole an buy a couple of pints of maggots theyle clean it up for you atb jb
  9. realy nice bird you got there dolly doing you prowd

  10. nice looking dog mate,, 21 1/2 inch nice size,,,for hunting,,had a 3/4 whip 1/4 grey take roe,single handed,,,,23in (daytime ) my brother used to have smaller whippets ,,,hearts of lions,,,16lb to 22lb ,,but single handed ,,would not take adult roe,(day time ),,paired up maybe,but he didnt try them paired up,,,knew a 22/23lb whippet take 2/3 foxes,,,not sure if it was single handed,,,,but lass had no reason to lie,,,as it was a racing whippet,used for racing, and she would gain nothing for its his hunting exploits, (i,e bragging) november time was out at bro,s ,,,,,he grabbed the l
  11. heres my dog out of glen given by my uncle who has the dam she takes all quarry has taken roe heart to take fox understand what you sayin aboout big whippets butr by god my dog is one tough dog the dam was 19.5tts shoulder the sire 22 my dog perfect for me at 21.1/2 persenal choice play a big part in we want
  12. hia mate go to your vets get some frontline give her a bath dry her slightly an dowse her down to her skin allover rub it to make sure it covers an see how it goes a lot of mine have just shed there coats partly time of year ]best of luck john bob
  13. hia mate i use a tennisw ball an throwing stick on my local green 10 or 12 throws a nite for first couple of nites then three 4 mile road walks thewn a nites lamping to see how they running the tennis ball helps with the strike speed and stamina if not go to your local lure coursing club hope this helps atb john bob
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