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where to go

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can anyone tell me where i can go

or give any advice they can on how to find somewhere to shoot some rabbit or pigeon in the ayrshire area

or even outside that area at a push

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Hi MAte,

I'll jump to your defence before anyone else steps in!


What everyone will say is you have to go and look for it. Pop into a few farms, drop by the market/pub/vets and anywhere else where you can meet farmers. Now, you'll have to be more than confident and competent to get anywhere. Put yourself in the position of the farmer, would you like someone who can't hit a barn door pinging pellets around your precious livestock? And I do mean precious as this is the farmers livelihood we're talking about.


So, in short, you're going to get a shiteload of "no's" before you get an "I'll get back to you" and then you'll get a shiteload of them before you get a "yes"!


Just keep at it

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hi, Even though I shoot over 3 Farms I still looking for more I still get the answer no from some farmers, I'll ask you a question would you let a stranger shoot in your back yard? get to know your local farmers first then you might have a better chance. When you do go to ask dress smartly or over a pint can work wonders.


PS. A must have Full insurance cover

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