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Lurcher pups for sale

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nice looking dogs there pal hope you find em some good homes :thumbs:
cheers awen i thought there would have been more interest :hmm:


i like the breeding in em right up my street :thumbs: ,strong looking pups :thumbs: , good price :thumbs: gonna make a nice size all in all cant go wrong imo. if i hadnt just got one id be interested myself. give it time pal im sure itll come good :yes:

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when you say the sires and up and coming dog does that mean its young?
the dogs just over two mate

the sire is just over two years old ...... how old is the dam ???

the dam is going on five mate why you ask
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i might be intrested if you get some pics up of the parents and of there faceses cheers mate
theres some pics of the parents mate in the topic already why you want some pics of there faces
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