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mark skelton

ratcatcher 2250b any good?

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Hi ive just got hold of a ratcatcher 2250b

anyone give me any info on huting with one

are thay any good for takeing out rabbits?


Tnx very much for any info.

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They're good little guns if used correctly at the correct ranges. They're best used for close range pest control, up to a maximum of 15-20 yards. I find mine ideal for clearing feral pigeons from large cowsheds, the lower power helps to minimise risk to the roof, and the light weight helps when keeping the gun aimed up in the air for extended periods. I've shot two rabbits with mine, but they have only been opportunistic shots at close range, on the way back from the sheds.


After a bit of feral clearance. The rabbits were taken with the .22LR


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I'd get that edited if I was you matey! :D

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