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    going to the loo to read the paper!
  1. Foz_1983

    Easy Peeps!!

    Hi bud where's Essex?
  2. Foz_1983

    New Member Intro

    I love camping and bush craft, being at one with nature. Then killing it and then eating it
  3. Foz_1983

    New Member

    Hi bud
  4. Foz_1983

    New Member

    Hello pal
  5. Foz_1983

    Permission Form

    My perm slips start with a thank you, then there's a bit about me, and lastly what I can offer, no more than half a A4 page simple.
  6. Foz_1983

    New Member

    Good day to you sir
  7. Foz_1983


    Hi cod head :-)
  8. Foz_1983


    Hello a welcome, I have a dobie stray too
  9. Foz_1983

    New Member

    Hi bud
  10. Foz_1983

    Hello From Canada

    Hello buddy, where abouts are you, I've been there a few times only to the west, Alberta and BC
  11. Foz_1983

    Hi Im Huw

    Hello buddy
  12. Foz_1983

    Black Tactical Stock

    Cheers Rez it took a bit of time and stencilling
  13. Foz_1983

    Black Tactical Stock

    O crumbs! Haha Thanks, I had to do some extreme stencilling for the look.
  14. Foz_1983

    Black Tactical Stock

    Just paint it that's what I did https://www.dropbox.com/s/8rjjn1ccion9n3u/2015-08-19%2011.55.00.jpg?dl=0
  15. Foz_1983

    Sharing Permissions?

    I share a permission too, I was a bit gutted to start of with but its not my land so I got over it. I met the lad after a few months, it turns out he works down the road from me, and he has even offered to take me to one of his other perms too.