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Born and raised in the Lake District - where all my shooting permission is. Work in the Midlands - wish I had some shooting down here. Have been shooting / hunting since I was 12, where I learned my craft shooting for hours at small spoon heads and jam jar lids in the garden until my groupings were good enough for my father to let me go hunting. I had a brief break from airgunning when I went to University and had to sell all my gear to help pay for it. Returned to airgunning in 2002. Been happy ever since. :thumbs:


I've owned a Webley Vulcan, HW80, Webley Longbow, but now mainly shoot Air Arms. I currently own a Tx200Hc (MkIII), S410K, and an S410 Classic, all walnut stocks (thumbhole on the classic), all .22s and sub 12ft-lbs guns. Amazing kit. Mainly interested in vermin control. I'm privaleged to be involved in a red squirrel conservation project in the lakes (culling grey squirrels) and having three perms with woodland to do it (one a very large estate).


I now restrict my range of shooting to 35-40yds max (my limitation, not my guns) and prefer to work on field craft, stalking and proper hunting to get quarry into range. Nothing hits as hard as a well placed .22 pellet. When I started shooting, I read the works of the late, great, John Darling and learned a great deal. If you don't know that reference, you're too young!!!! :thumbs:





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