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  1. http://aadecoys.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=82
  2. Oh an it as 2 speeds on it you just mover the clip to the other prong
  3. I purchased one from aa decoys its a bit heavy than others but then again its reflected in the price to the others its a strong sturdy onr never broke on me had quite a lot of use to Atb luke
  4. Aa decoys is good gear cheap enough to mate
  5. It wasn't you shooting the rape next to the track to the butchers last year was it in that little spinny of trees next to the layby lol Atb luke
  6. Hello am Luke from between doncaster and barnsley near (marr) i have a few permissions but mostly do clay shooting at junction 3 an white water . Looking forward to join in the topics Atb luke
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