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  1. birdsallpl

    Can You Bolt Rabbits Using One Ferret??

    The reason why not to go this time of year should be explained to you first time. Apart from the fact that most holes will be covered with bracken and nettles etc and difficult to net, there is a real chance your ferret will find a nice bunch of new born, have a good old feed and then have a snooze. Result one lost ferret but left in a Warren which may eventually become redundant. Hope that helps
  2. birdsallpl

    Let Me Introduce Myself

    Good intro Joe and welcome
  3. birdsallpl

    Gunmark Kestral 10 Bore For Sale

    Now Sold
  4. birdsallpl

    Which Is The Best Place For Goose Shooting ?

    You're making me very envious MIK, what a lovely place to live. You are spoilt with all the bird life there. I believe a white tail visited the basin last year for a few days. Wish I'd seen that. Haven't planned anything yet for this season, probably go to Wigtown, it's closer for us. But when next go to Montrose I'll drop you a PM. atb
  5. birdsallpl

    Which Is The Best Place For Goose Shooting ?

    MIK Not sure you read the cost correct, it's £18 per day for visitors. Also only 5 or 6 permits are issued to visitors per day.
  6. birdsallpl

    Which Is The Best Place For Goose Shooting ?

    MIk I have shot the basin many times over the last Twenty years. It is an amazing place to view birds of all description. The best time is in October early November for Pinks. I usually go up in November or early December. Permits are very much sought after hence the price. You have to be on the ball to get them early in the season. My best ever flight on Pinks was at Montrose. 5 Pinks on a morning flight (which is plenty for any Wildfowler.) Mine you I have often blanked there even with 40,000 coming off. It's a great place and with easy access.
  7. birdsallpl

    What Got You Into Hunting?

    I got into it with a few close mates when a kid. None of my family hunt either. I'm the only one out of the group of mates that kept it up though.
  8. birdsallpl

    Which Is The Best Place For Goose Shooting ?

    I take it you mean Wildfowling. The closest for you with geese will be one of the wash clubs. But can't compare with Scotland.
  9. birdsallpl

    Which Is The Best Place For Goose Shooting ?

    Don't shoot for nothing if visiting the basin. £18 a day last season
  10. birdsallpl

    Eagle Owl Jesses And Anklets

    We used to make our own out of standard hide leather. Never had a problem, although our Eagle owl was a nasty moo.
  11. birdsallpl

    What Got You Into Hunting?

    Foxi-Roxi, I'm assuming this is a serious thread and you're not looking for stupid responses, although bless them they only mean a bit of fun. I believe I started hunting because of an extension to my love of the natural,world. I wasn't lucky enough to be born into the countryside so it wasn't a natural progression. My older brothers took me bird nesting and collecting became a passion for me ( before it became illegal) Me and a couple of mates would get the green line bus out into the country to begin with looking for specific eggs. This evolved into the love of just being there. Hunting was the next progression and 50 years later it is my main enjoyment in life.
  12. birdsallpl

    Who Holds The Power In This Country?

    A lot of guys on here have said that the media run the country. Well it's the idiots that buy the papers and believe what they read, then vote accordingly that control the way the country is run. How many of you that blame the media still buy a paper. Don't come up with the usual excuse ' I only buy it for the sport' because even if you do you are still supporting the media. If you blame the media stop supporting it. Don't buy a paper.
  13. I'm new to this site as well. I don't recall asking for the George cross to be flown for me although I am naturally proud to be English. But I am more proud to be British. So just a question why don't we get a choice. The George cross or the union flag. That would be good.
  14. birdsallpl

    Humans Have To Be The Worst Hunters On The Planet?

    At some stage in our evolution our brain became our tool. Prior to this we were like every other creature surviving exactly as most apes do today. By picking berries and eating root crops with the occasional piece of carrion. Our brain evolved better than other creatures which gave us the ability to utilise natural stone and wood as tools. If our brain had not evolved faster at that time we would probably be extinct now. Food for thought, I wonder what this world would be like today if we had become extinct?