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  1. Any one used theys slingshot and found the site affective ?
  2. My female Harris went into moult around may and coming on good does there first moult quick or just the same as any other moult
  3. Trainee gamekeeper looking for some ferrets in Edinburgh area
  4. I mean do you normality give them an extra chick in winter cause they loose more weight
  5. Hi I have kept a male Harris hark before but not a female I was just wondering what there average weight is and how many chicks they should get a day and what to do in winter
  6. Hi does anybody no how to set the diablo pro sight
  7. Hi I am a young gamekeeper but currently wanting to change to be a ghillie cause I like the fishing side more
  8. Hi I am looking for a working Harris hawk in Scotland can be male or female as long as nice weight and it's working ok with ferrets
  9. Iv got a hob what kills dwn the hole and comes back up within 15 minutes how is this
  10. Hi I have a big albhino hob has any 1 got any tips hunting with them
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