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  1. Cheers lads but I've got the NM800 being delivered today!
  2. I'm looking at getting a new torch for spotting/lamping with the dog but I'm stuck between three... I'm looking at either the Torch factory Evo 75, the Night saber alpha or the Night master 800. Has any one owned or have any experience of any of these or know which one is best? Cheers
  3. So after having the Webley longbow a few weeks thing are going ok, she shoots just fine and is an all round joy to own............except.............there are a couple of little problems creeping in! I noticed the other day that the action was a little loose in the stock, not a major problem I'll just nip the screws up, which I did and re-zeroed but after ten or so shots the zero was shifting quite a bit and the action was loose in the stock again! Now after a bit of trial and error I've found that if I leave the stock screws to go loose and leave the action loose in the stock she shoo
  4. With a budget like that you will be a bit limited but there are plenty of great second hand pcp's about for that money! Thing with a pcp is are you realistically going to use 60 shot in one outing? The answer will some times be yes but most of the time you are very unlikely to use that many shots in one go unless you are doing rats or feral pigeons in high volume, if thats the case then just bung the main air bottle in the boot of the car and top up as needed As to getting a pcp or a springer, well pcp is great but it is a faf and to be honest to me it just doesn't feel like you are
  5. Its one of those thing where it is just a case of buying a few tins and working through them to find which brand and type best suits your rifle and pocket! Being a springer you probably want to go for a lighter weight pellet but always make sure you buy the best quality that you can RWS super dome and Crosman acupel are my two favorite pellets for a spring gun. You used to be able to buy trial packs of pellets with a few pellets from a range of brands to try, not sure if these are still going but if they are they are well worth a go Cheers
  6. Cheers Simon thats the info I was looking for! Having looked around, and discovered that there is also "map 6" I'm probably going to go for one of three The BSA quarry king Hawke air max ev or the AGS cobolt redi mount
  7. great advice pete thanks. ive zeroed the gun in at 35yds now and i have changed to jsb exacts and what a difference it has made. getting on with the gun better than ever now. had a quick walk after zeroing the gun killed 2 rabbits 2 crows and a squirrel. head shot 1rabbit at about 32yds neck shot the other at about 15yds he just popped out infront of me and sat up. killed the crows at around 40yds and the squirrel at about 30yds. Spot on mush
  8. Cheers Villaman Helpful Daz! really helpful
  9. 1) Does any one know of any one in Dorset or the surrounding area who could give my TX200 a good tune up? 2) can any one recommend a good scope for around £100? Its been years since I bought a scope for an air rifle and I think I might like to try out one of these new fangled mil dot reticles or maybe even one of them ones that looks like a tree?? What are peoples experiences with these types of reticle and which is best?? Cheers Pete
  10. I've got a day booked in May When you take into consideration that the stalker has to pay their tax, food for the day, insurance, fuel, wear and tear on their vehicle and rifle, road tax, the shear mental and physical effort of taking some one who, at least for that first stalk, is going to be a complete unknown to them and every thing else involved and that you might be out for two and a half or three hours or even more £25 an hour is pretty reasonable I think.
  11. Just keep shooting it mate, the more pellets you get down range the better I reckon! Might be worth playing about a bit and moving your zero out to 30 or 35 yards as you get more used to the gun, might flatten things out a bit for you
  12. Perfectly normal, the pellet is still rising on its way to the target so will be under the point of aim! Have a look on google for air gun ballistics or trajectory
  13. I got on alright with the TX and had loading it down to a fine art at one point, I do miss the weight of it though, that longbow is great fun but its no where near as steady as a heavier rifle
  14. The poor old TX has been festering at the back of a cupboard for a couple of years because I had a pcp but I got disillusioned with that pretty quick! Now after shooting the longbow for a few days I'm starting to miss the TX
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