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  1. i no mate but i want somethink with a bigger shot count i only get 40 good shots out the s200
  2. im after a stealth or storm for my s200 mk3 with a nikkon gold crown scope
  3. cash waiting for a pump
  4. ive got a 22 hw 97k with brass trigger gard and a bussnell legend scope . im wanting to swap for a stealth of somethink like it thanks for looking
  5. up for sale my 1986 bsa lightning in almost mint condishion 200 in deal kent
  6. my two lightning up for swap for somethink about the same price
  7. like is said im after a ratty or king ratty for my bsa
  8. im bored with this now so dose anyony want to swap 177 22 i dont mind thanks for looking
  9. im looking to swap my lightnings for a stealth pm me if you want pic's thanks for looking
  10. who's on here had a bull pump i think thats what its called
  11. im still after a ratty anyone
  12. im sorry to here what happend mate
  13. i have 300 for a stealth or storm
  14. swap my 97 and fits a 77 stock for a ratty
  15. swap my hw77k .22 for a stealth
  16. wanting to swap my 77k for somethink lighter it in 22
  17. has anyone got a cheap ratty for sale
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