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  1. lnr

    Local Clay Shoots

    Thanks for that pal i think i will try it and its only a few mile from me. Also heard about one art borough green near mapp so guna try em both
  2. lnr

    Local Clay Shoots

    Is there any good clay shoots around barnsley or wakefield were u can take ya time and not have to rush about cos there packing all gear up round ya. Been three times to one near me wi two mates and we wa well f****d off when they were packin up at half eleven when the f****r only started at ten
  3. lnr

    Webley Raider

    I use mine every week on rats/rabbits/pigeons and never let me down yet. Good accuracy and decent amount ov shots each fill.
  4. lnr

    Which Pellet

    Accu pells or bisley magnums are what me and my pal use, on rats ,rabbits ,woodies they seem to do the business for us
  5. lnr

    Calibrateing Mk1

    Anybody no who can calibrate my mk 1 box local to barnsley and how much is usual charge for it. Cheers
  6. some smart pictures ov my young lad and our patterdale. will defo be getting a few. a decent day out at selby
  7. lnr

    Ferreting Permission Wanted

    we usually do just crack on pal but thought add try asking for a change
  8. lnr

    Barnsley New Member

    cheers for welcome lads. sounds like it shud be a good crack on this site
  9. lnr

    Barnsley New Member

    cheers for welcome lads
  10. hi , me and my pal are wanting any rabbiting permission we can get throughout yorkshire. weve got a few permissions at minute but not enough to work our ferrets n dogs every weekend like we want to. any permission we would be gratefull as were not fussy if its working thru brambles hedgerows woods or stables. we will fully respect any land given and make sure its left as we find it. cheers
  11. just introducing myself as im new to this site. me and my pal are keen ferreters who also work a lurcher n patterdale when were out rabbiting