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  1. Jem

    Ridgeline Torrent 2 Jacket

    Look at Duck Dri, made in Leicestershire, waterproof warm and breathable doesn't cost a fortune and lasts. I've had a Countryman for over 10 years and it's never let a drop of water through.
  2. Jem

    Woodcock Shoots?

    It's a long way to go but for wonderful woodcock (and grouse) shooting over pointers Russell Hird (www.rjhsporting.co.uk) in the Outer Hebrides works his socks off. You need to be fit to keep up with him though!
  3. Jem

    Woodcock Gun?

    If you find that you are not shooting as well as you normally do and on the basis that the gun fits you might consider having the chokes opened out to perhaps improved cylinder and a quarter. This might be better for woodcock/rough shooting. If you are experiencing difficulty in obtaining 16 bore cartridges try the Just Cartridges web site.
  4. Thanks Russell. I don't yet have access to PM. I intend initially to enter the pup to rats and once mature enough to enter it to fox on the shoot.
  5. I am a new member. For a couple of years I have been considering buying a terrier and after reading as much as possible and attending a number of working terrier shows have conclude ed that I want a broken coated Lakeland puppy preferably Black and Tan or red. I look for your advice. Web sites such as Pets4u and per loved have lots of ads with 8 week old pups ( what I would look to purchase) for £250, £300 or even £450. At the David Davies Hunt show yesterday terrier men were telling me that such prices were a rip-off. I have been used in more recent years to purchasing gun dog puppies. Can you advise what the going rate is for an 8 week old Lakeland from working stock please?