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  1. View Advert Falcon titan single shot 22 Falcon titan single shot 22 in good condition had new seals fitted had for over 10 years needs to make room in the gun cabinet for a new 177 Advertiser titan1 Date 11/07/18 Price £375.00 Category Airguns  
  2. What kind of tools are you after
  3. Mines one of those buff low river 10 gun extra deep for the scopes about killed me getting it in but it was worth it is got all the space I need up there and it's away from everyone cooking up there though in this weather has ha
  4. Hate this spell check thing
  5. Had moment last night wandering around the golf course with my hmr Harpley baking bunny's when I went to the edge of some wood last to get one I'd just shot when a monk jacky jumped out from know where still had 7 bunny's though
  6. If the get past the double glazed door up the stairs passed me one even worse the misses and then into the loft I think they wound be welcome to them ha ha
  7. It's a right battle they are both so hard to talk to and we are only trying to do them a favor
  8. I'm in leicester I look after a couple of golf courses but as you know it's all night shooting that's why the interest in open ticket to get on the farms
  9. Has anyone tried barr and stroud I got a pair of 8 x42 £70.00 brand new 10 year guarantee they are very good in low light they supply the royal navy with all there optics brilliant for the price cant fault them
  10. I think the loft, mines bolted to the gable wall also fitted a five leaver lock to the hatch
  11. Iv had mine nearly 2 years know and have been shooting at night on golf courses but with all the crops now being cut I'm thinking it might be an opportunity the get on
  12. Hi all just wondering if any one knows the avrage length of time before most people apply to go open ticket because it would open more shooting opportunities and help with gaining more land permission
  13. any chance of putting some pic up to see what condition its in
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